About Brandon Larson

The Official Story

My name is Brandon Larson, born in Alaska, raised in Louisiana, college in St. Louis and now I live in Los Angeles. I hold two undergraduate degrees (Physics and Mechanical Engineering) and a Masters of Science (Mechanical Engineering).

I’ve been a scientist since I was a kid, whether that was blowing up stuff in my back yard (neighbors love me), making wind tunnels to test aerodynamics hypotheses, taking/breaking things apart to see how they work, or inventing widgets; I’ve tried my hand at about everything these days. I once destroyed 7 super soaker water guns trying to make a good flame thrower!

At core it boils down to a love of building things. It really is that simple. Be it things, organizations, businesses, or people – as long as it makes a positive impact I’m sure I’ll love it. I worked at science centers in Louisiana and St. Louis helping to develop exhibits and then presenting those exhibits to visitors. I was a high school lacrosse coach. I have worked in R&D at large companies and been a part of several start-ups. I have invented products and methods and grown organizations. I also spent a year during grad school teaching 6th grade science.

Currently much of my focus is going into helping Red Bull look at athlete performance through the lens of technology – a quadruple whammy of building things!

When not building things for others, I’m building things for myself and my family, be that international travel to build the mind, surfing and yoga to build the body and soul, or being the sous chef to my wife to build our bond. Outside of that, my little quirk is my love of entering online contests that require a creative submission.


The Unofficial Story

Coming soon…