New Business is Everywhere Around You!

“Inspiration is everywhere so don’t get trapped in reading and watching too much. Get out. Talk to people, friends, family, loved ones. Draw inspiration from everyday life. It has inexhaustible references and is always original.” – Arnold Arre

At Snapden Photobooths we strive to provide the best product to our customers who rely on this to then provide the best experiences to their customers. A laser focus on experience and always putting the customer first were two things that were engrained into our culture from the beginning. When something is so engrained it constantly reminds you to be aware of ways to give more to your customers and pay attention to the world around you for inspiration. Keeping your head on what I call an “ideation swivel” will almost always enable new realizations which can often lead to new business opportunities or services.

One of these realizations came to me while at a friend’s event who had a photo booth rental. When we went to pick up our pictures that were being printed onsite and saw this really old, very used, battle worn, scratched up printer. It was still pumping out photos like a champ, but with all the couple had spent on the rental and with all the work the rental company has put into their business, why would they risk this unsightly device impacting the experience of the users?

They made a nice unit, but then lost it with the naked inconsistent aesthetic printer!

Cool design, but points deducted for printer and cables.

Everything a customer sees is a direct reflection of your photography business. Actually, this likely applies to nearly every business. 

And from this the printer cover was born. Protection, aesthetics, modular stacking features, branding abilities, improvement of the overall photo booth usage experience! It’s a simple thing that our customers didn’t even know was missing, but once seen, they have been very well received.

Snapden Photo Booth

Snapden Photo Booth Printer Cover


One thing to add : You don’t always have to solve a frustration or pain point – since 2009 there has been a shift to putting more value on simplicity and things that improve the quality of an experience. It’s no longer about making the fastest or cheapest widget – it’s now much more about the design, the feel, and the user experience.

“Design is where science and art break even.” – Robin Matthew


Have a creative and productive day,
Brandon Larson