37 and Counting: Entrepreneurship – It’s Like Riding a Motorcycle

“Life is too short for traffic.” – Dan Bellack

I got some great news today. The kind of news that makes you look back on all the years of hard work you’ve put into an idea and allows you a moment of clarity where everything comes together. You can let out a long exhale and smile.

This clarity came to me at a red light while I was riding my motorcycle home from work (my aerospace day job). Slight aside, but I’m a huge motorcycle fan. I’m not the kind that gushes over the new releases or follows all the races – I’m the kind that loves the feeling of riding – the air speeding around you, the tone of the exhaust in the power band, the thrill available at any moment via a twist of the wrist (cranking on the throttle for the non-motorcycle folks out there), the openness of the road and the ability to take advantage or not take advantage of any part of it at any time.

I digress.

In this moment of clarity – I realized that this life long motorcycle passion has many similarities with another passion that makes me feel alive – entrepreneurship. Here are my observations on how they compare; why entrepreneurship is a lot like riding a motorcycle… in no particular order:

  • There is something sexy about them both – an allure that many have but not all will act on.
  • Most people will tell you that you are crazy, some people will support you, the rest are a little jealous
  • Find the right support system and magic can happen
  • There is a great amount of risk associated with both
  • People will always give you their opinions on how to be better, but one size never fits all, there is no straight line to success
  • There is no overnight success – if you want to get good, if you want to find success, you have to put in the miles
  • There will be a ton of little failures along the way but each one is a learning experience and will only make you better/stronger in the future – if you are open to it
  • If you handle situations unwisely you can fail in a most spectacular of ways that can leave serious bruises and even life long scars – if you were somewhat prepared for a major failure you can often recover a lot more quickly – simply stated – Everyone crashes. Some get back on. Some don’t. Some can’t.
  • Never be afraid to slow down
  • You are often the only one standing in the way of your progress
  • If you get really good at it people will want your opinion and they will listen
  • There will be many close calls and many moments where you will have to overcome fears if you want to grow
  • Routine maintenance should never be neglected
  • Doing counter-intuitive things is a big part of it all
  • You are almost automatically a member of a club with everyone else doing something similar, unless you are in a gang which has rivals
  • Having it all come together and just work right is very confidence inspiring
  • Some people will want to ride along with you, but they won’t always like it
  • With enough passion you can spread the bug – and once bitten it’s hard to turn away
  • You will meet a lot of new and interesting people
  • It never looks that far on the map…
  • There is a great amount of reward associated with both, through learning to mastering

“Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.”Unknown

Happy “riding”…
Brandon Larson

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